Realtors & Other Professionals

How Can We Assist Real Estate Professionals?

As a retired real estate professional, Suzanne has many years of experience of helping people, many of whom were seniors, face the seemingly overwhelming task of preparing to move. They may be selling their first and only home filled with decades of what others may see as “stuff” but, to them, are memories. Realtors are often not equipped, either time-wise or with the experience needed to deal with this challenging scenario.

The senior may well want to sell and feel they are ready. However:

  • They may be too frail, confused or uncomfortable having strangers in the home or the house while it’s on the market
  • Seniors often can’t understand why a house filled with decades of photos, fifty dolls and cluttered kitchen countertops is not staged!

Often the real reason seniors resist moving is that they simply don’t know where to start, nor do their family members. This is where we can help!

  • Start the process by helping seniors and possibly their family, make choices to start the process to move
  • By speeding up the sorting and decluttering process, the property will be ready for your assessment sooner
  • If the senior is moving before the sale, we can work through the complexities of moving and getting them settled in their new home
  • Often the property is tired, needs a good cleaning and may be filled with outdated furnishings
  • We can work to get house cleared out (sales, donation, recycling, etc.), professionally cleaned, staged and market ready

There may be the occasion where you’ve been contacted by a family member to handle the sale of the property in order to settle an estate. Again, we can do as much or as little as you and the client deem necessary.