Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a senior to use your service?

Absolutely not! We’re here to help, regardless of your age. There are times when everyone needs an extra pair of hands, someone who’s good at listening and offering suggestions, or help assessing an upcoming project. Even if it’s not something within our scope of services, there’s a good chance we can refer you to someone who can help.

I’m not comfortable with people coming into my house and going through my things.

That’s certainly understandable and is one of the benefits of having Smooth Transitions of Northwest Washington as your advocate. While we can’t, and don’t, do everything (such as the actual move) we can be there with you or as your representative, so that you’re comfortable, and can be there to answer any questions that might come up. Our goal is for this stressful time to be as stress-free as possible.

I’m not ready to move yet, when is a good time to get started?

If you’re thinking ahead, that’s wonderful! By planning in advance, you have control. We could work out a time line and schedule, doing a little at a time. This is the perfect time to start clearing out closets, storage areas and the like, either discarding what’s not recyclable, or if there’s someone special who’d be delighted to have one of your treasures, then we’ll arrange to get it to them. You can never start too soon.

I’m not as comfortable in my house as I once was, can you help?

There’s a very good chance we can! Often, it’s a matter of focusing on the areas in your home that are causing you the most stress- closets, that dreaded “room” where everything ends up, the basement or attic, or maybe it’s just too much stuff. We’ll identify the areas, come up with a plan and get started helping you feel at home once again.

My parent recently passed away and I’m unable to be there. I have a realtor, but need help in clearing out the house, can you help?

Absolutely! We’ll coordinate with your realtor, to work on a reasonable time frame to have the house ready to go on the market. We’ll take care of sorting through the household items as to whether they can be sold, donated, recycled or disposed of. Let Suzanne, a retired realtor, and partner in Smooth Transitions of NWW get to work with your realtor to get your parent’s house ready to be sold.

Help! My children & friends want to help me move to save money, but I’m not so sure this is a good idea!

It’s great that you have folks willing to help and by all means, let them! But you might want to have an experienced professional as part of the crew. We can help coordinate the process, be sure everything is getting done (not just the easy stuff), as there are generally some difficult decisions that need to be made, and it helps to have us available when the occasion arises.